Kaupapa Maori Health Care Services

in the Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Whanau Ora

What is Whānau Ora?

Whānau Ora is an inclusive approach to providing services and opportunities to families across New Zealand. It empowers families as a whole, rather than focusing separately on individual family members and their problems.

It requires multiple Government agencies to work together with families rather than separately with individual family members. It will be available to all families in need across New Zealand.

How does Whānau Ora work for families?

Whānau Ora works in a range of ways, influenced by the approach the whānau chooses to take. Whānau Ora is not a one size fits all approach. It is deliberately designed to be flexible to meet your needs.

Some whānau will want to come up with their own ways of improving their lives, and they may want to work on this with a hapū, iwi, or a non‐government organisation (NGO).  Other whānau will want to seek help from specialist Whānau Ora providers, who will offer them wrap‐around services tailored to their needs.

Whānau will have a champion to work with them to identify their needs, develop a plan of action to address them and broker their access to a range of health and social services.

The focus of Whānau Ora is an opportunity for whānau to identify their own strengths, needs and priorities and participate in the development of solutions to issues they may face.

The whānau ora worker or navigator will support whānau through this process and link the whanau up with agencies or specialist services that can progress them towards the solutions they have identified.

Whanau Ora Navigator: Joy