Kaupapa Maori Health Care Services

in the Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Early Years Service Hub

“Tauranga has always been a haven for sea vessels and people alike. Located across the road from the hospital, in an area known to local iwi as Pukewharangi (a place of prominence), the hub is in a prime position for connecting people”. Tracy, Manager Early Years Services.

Tebbs Lane, Gate Pa, Tauranga

thehub@temanutoroa.org.nz |   Ph: 07 571 5830


Tauranga Early Years Service Hub

This early intervention approach focuses on access to quality and specialized services, effective co-ordination, support and access to information and advice.
The vision of this intervention is “all children have the best start in life, flourish in early childhood and are supported to reach their potential”.

What is a Hub –

Tauranga Early Years Service Hub provides a central point for families with children aged pre-birth to 6 years to access health, education, and social services.
The Hub does not replace existing services but strengthens co-ordination of services to improve access for families to ultimately improve outcomes for children. Our aim is to improve health, education, and social outcomes for children pre birth to 6 years particularly those who are vulnerable, through service co-ordination of the seven Core services.

The Hub connects to seven core early year services:

• Antenatal services
• Wellchild services
• Early Childhood Education
• Parent Information, education and support
• Home visiting services
• Supported referrals to off site services
• Outreach services

For the families –

The Hub aims to:

• Ensure better access
• Creates understanding
• Will be effective for families
• Generates opportunities for providers
• Children under 6 years will have improved health, education and social outcomes

Aims of the service –

Develop and maintain a high quality network of early year’s services through supporting, collaborative cross-service working practices.
Improve the co-ordination of services to assist families with children pre-birth to 6 years especially vulnerable families, to enhance access to core early years services in their communities and have better access to the support and help they need.

Ensure the target group can access and be referred appropriately to the services that are best able to meet the target groups needs and assist families with high needs to:

- Understand the roles and responsibilities of relevant agencies

- Know which services they can contact for help

- Be less likely to be referred from one agency to another and have fewer agencies to deal with

Teen Parent Services:

Te Manu Toroa provides intensive Case Worker Services for the most vulnerable teenage parent families and whanau within the Tauranga area.  Teen Parent Services aims to improve health and well being, the education and welfare as well as child and parent developmental outcomes which are conducive to whanau health and support. Teen Parent Services can enable or help teenage parents to develop good knowledge of, and access to, the support and help available to them and their children in the wider community.

The key principles of Teen Parent Services delivery include being child centred and family focused, is outcomes driven working in direct partnership with children, families and other community providers with respect for all involved parties, is collaborative and built on existing teen parent services to enhance overall co-ordination and integration. There is an overiding focus on prevention through timely and effective management of parenting issues. Teen Parent Services principles place emphasis on high quality service development and is delivered in ways which best reflect evidence from research, continual monitoring and evaluation about what works best for teen parents, children/tamariki families and whanau.