Kaupapa Maori Health Care Services

in the Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Family Start

Service Overview

Family Start is a child-centred, intensive program that focuses on improving children's health, learning, relationships, family/whānau circumstances, environment and safety It is a free, confidential, home based support service, for families/whānau with babies under 12 months or mums to be who are in their second trimester of pregnancy.

The first five years of a child's life is known to be fundamental to their health, development and positive outcomes. Our aim is to support mum, baby and family/whānau to help ensure the child has the best possible start in life. Participation by families/whānau in the program is voluntary. The program supports families/whānau who struggle with challenges or issues that may put the health, education and social outcomes for their child at risk.

Our Whānau workers work in partnership with families/whānau to help reduce these issues, improve the outcomes for their children and help the whānau work towards independence and self-fulfilment.

To enable this to happen successfully and for family/whānau to receive the best possible service it is important for our Whānau Worker to foster a healthy partnership with the family/whānau so that we are working together to give the child the best start in life. This can be established by having an open and honest relationship right from the start. During the initial visit, our Family Start Whānau Worker will ensure that the family/whānau is provided with clear information about the core components of the program including.

- The importance of regular, frequent home visits and the expectation that the parent/caregiver will commit to these.
- Need for clear expectations and responsibilities as well as on-going communication to promote the wellbeing and safety of the children and family/whānau.
- An understanding that parenting is an integral part of Family Start and that an interactive element focusing on parenting will feature at each visit.
- The use of child safety tools and on-going focus of child safety

Child safety is paramount and at the centre of the services provided. Our Whānau Workers will provide support to the family/whānau that ensures the child is living in a home free of violence, abuse, neglect, physical and environmental hazards.

Service Coverage

Service Coverage Area is the Western Bay of Plenty Region

Service Cost

This Service is Free of Charge for all eligible persons (please see Ministry of Health Eligibility Criteria) for more information

Service Entry

Agencies already involved with the family/whānau can make referrals to this service. It is advised that the referrer complete this in collaboration with the family/whānau as there is certain criteria for service.

Contact Details

Phone: 021 195 6671    Email: familystart@temanutoroa.org.nz    Address: 11 Tebbs Lane, Gate Pa, Tauranga