Kaupapa Maori Health Care Services

in the Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Te Manu Toroa GP clinics

Te Manu Toroa GP clinics offer high quality, low cost services to whanau within the Western Bay of Plenty.

General Practitioners and nurses can offer low cost and in some circumstances, free health checks for Te Manu Toroa enrolees.

We have a range of nursing services to support your health.

- Outreach nurses are available for people who have difficulty accessing their GP or practice nurse for reasons such as cost, transport, and/or cultural barriers

- Diabetes free checks pick up any changes in the patients wellbeing early enough to limit or avoid further complications. It is important that these are done yearly

- Mobile Immunisation nurses are available to immunise in homes, kohanga reo or where ever is more appropriate for the tamaiti

- Home, or community cervical smears are available on request.

GP Services

Te Manu Toroa is the largest Kaupapa Maori Provider of Primary Health services in the Western Bay of Plenty.  Our practice teams are dedicated to providing you

and your whanau with comprehensive healthcare services to treat illness, disease or injury.  We work together with other health professionals in the region to

offer you the right care to fit your needs.

Our practices are situated in a location close to you.

Providing Comprehensive Healthcare

Care Plus

Careplus offers you the opportunity to discuss and manage issues that are important to you, with the support of your nurse and doctor.


If you are eligible to be in the careplus program, you will have an initial free appointment with your GP and Nurse and together a health plan will be developed.

You will receive 3 follow up appointments free of charge so the plan can be reviewed and changed as necessary.


Two or more chronic conditions.

You have been diagnosed with  a terminal illness.

Two or more acute admissions to hospital in the last 12 months (excluding surgery).

Six or more visits to After Hours Clinics or the Emergency Dept in past six months.

Your condition is being monitored for eligibility for surgery


Many of us would not have encountered Whooping cough, Diptheria, Tetanus, Pneumoccocal and therefore are not aware of the severity of these illnesses. We are so

fortunate that we're in the position where we can protect our children from all of these illnesses as our babies are so vulnerable.

Please help us to help protect your children by bringing them in on time for their Immunisations.

Immunisations are due at 6 weeks of age, 3 months, 5 months, 15 months and 4 years old.


Our clinics also offer:

Influenza Vaccinations
Smoking Cessation
Heart Health Assessments
Diabetes Screening and Care Packages
Respiratory Health
Breast screening referrals
Cervical Screening
Reproductive Health & Contraception
Prostate Screening
Social work support

We are required by the Ministry of Health to ensure all of our Tamariki are fully immunised according to the national immunisation schedule. This may mean that

our staff will try any way possible to make contact with you. Please ensure that your contact details are current to assist us to locate your child to enable us to

offer the best protection against potentially deadly diseases. Immunisation is the only way.

It is important for our Tamariki, Whanau and for the continuation of this quality service that you help us meet these requirements.