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Te Manu Toroa

Te Manu Toroa (the albatross that glides across the ocean), originally known as Western Iwi Health, was established in 1997 to provide a kaupapa Māori model of health care that integrated and linked services to Māori in the Western Bay of Plenty region.

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Evaluation from a feasibility study demonstrated alarming statistics throughout the rohe, Mai Ngā Kurī a Wharei ki te Waitaha nui a Hei. Provision of GP Services took first precedence with low cost consultation and pharmacy fees. Establishing the GP clinics opened the doors for our people. We were able to provide easy accessibility, offer affordability and make available a culturally appropriate setting.

Te Manu Toroa started with a small GP clinic based in central Tauranga, however the enormous scope of our people’s needs provided for developments in other areas. Since then, we have grown and expanded to include two GP services (Tauranga Moana City & Te Akau Hauora), Pēpi Ora/Well Child, Kaupapa Māori Nurse Services, Oral Health Programs, Mental Health & Whānau Centred Services.


The GP Surgeries are strategically placed throughout the district to enable our people the opportunity to utilise these facilities with ease of accessibility. In conjunction with offering our people the GP services, we aligned ourselves with forming a partnership to contracted Pharmacies in order to reduce prescription costs.  At a sector level Te Manu Toroa is affiliated to Ngā Mataapuna Oranga – a Māori Primary Health Organisation located in Tauranga. Our association with Ngā Mataapuna Oranga provides us with the vehicle to ensure our focus on the delivery of kaupapa Māori services are supported at a Provider level.

In total there are 7 providers who are part of the Ngā Mataapuna Oranga network, all of whom work collaboratively to provide services to our community.

Te Manu Toroa has an enrolled patient and client population of over 10,000.

Our Vision

Kia tū pakari, tū maia hei poutokomanawa mō te Iwi.

Māori in Western Bay of Plenty are healthy, confident, empowered and contributing to their communities

The Vision Statement incorporates three key principles – Health, Confidence, Contribution


Refers to and is characterised by wanting to achieve total health of the mind and body. Te Manu Toroa will contribute to the health of our clients by being responsive to their holistic health needs, through a kaupapa Māori framework.


We strongly believe that by achieving a state of total and complete health our clients can be confident in themselves to live life to the fullest and to engage in the wider world.


Being healthy and confident gives our clients a foundation to actively contribute positively in the communities that they live and work in. By doing so, they are contributing to building a healthy community for their whānau to participate in.

Te Manu Toroa believes that by achieving these key principles, we can help our clients to move towards being active and fit, to enable them to experience well-health and ultimately be in control to manage their own health.

Our Mission

Kia whakarite ai he kaupapa oranga mō ngā Iwi o te Hauāuru.

To provide comprehensive and integrated health care for Māori in the Western Bay of Plenty.

Te Manu Toroa will continue to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare initiatives that are accessible to Māori, and other ethnicities, in the Western Bay of Plenty.

Te Manu Toroa will provide and build upon an integrated health care service that will enhance the interface across primary, secondary and tertiary health services, improving access to, and co-ordinated delivery of, high quality health services to Māori whānau.

Te Manu Toroa will provide a matrix of services that will interweave to provide total wrap-around support to our clients and whānau.   Manu Toroa is committed to ensuring these services are supported by integration of supportive relationships with key organisations and communities.

Ngā Mātāpono me ngā Uara

Our Values & Principles


We will endeavour to be welcoming, embracing, considerate and show respect towards everyone.


We will provide leadership to guide all behaviour and action within the organisation.


We will provide and acknowledge the spiritual wellbeing of individuals.

Tangata Whenua

We will respect and be considerate of Tangata Whenua customs and believes.

Ngākau Pono

We will be loyal and committed to our clients needs to ensure our clients live a healthy lifestyle.


We will maintain unity and purpose in all that we do.


We will show respect, support and care in everything that we do.

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If you have a question about the services that we provide, please get in touch.  We would love to hear from you!