Kia ora koutou

Here is some helpful information from the Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Team about face covering requirements that come into affect Monday the 31st of August.

Face coverings should be worn by most people on public transport and aircrafts. That includes trains, buses, and ferries. It also includes the drivers of small passenger vehicles such as taxis, Uber and Zoomy.

They don’t need to be worn by:

  • People with a disability or physical or mental health condition that makes covering their face difficult.
  • Children under 12
  • On school buses
  • By passengers of small passenger vehicles, such as taxis, Uber, and Zoomy
  • On charter or group tours or interisland ferries
  • On private flights
  • By private contractors of air services such as top-dressers
  • In circumstances such as in an emergency or when people need to prove their identity or communicate with someone who is deaf.

If one of these reasons applies to you, you do not need to show a medical certificate or other documentation to prove why you are not wearing a face covering.