COVID 19 UPDATE 18 August 2020

Information on the use of face masks

The Ministry of Health recommends that all households should be prepared by having a supply of masks for each household member.

Face masks can be either fabric reusable (washable), or a single use disposable face mask. These can be purchased online, from supermarkets or pharmacies or you can make your own fabric reusable (washable) face masks.

Face coverings such as a bandana or a scarf can also be used if you do not have a mask.

You should be wearing a mask out in the community when physical distancing is not possible such as on public transport.

At school face coverings are not required for primary students and younger.  Secondary and university students are encouraged to wear face coverings, as are all teachers if practicable

Some key points

  • Never share face masks with other people.
  • Face masks should not be worn by young children or anyone unable to remove them without assistance.
  • Face masks should not be worn by people who have trouble breathing.